Thursday, November 28, 2013

PCI 26th November

We were suppose to have our PCI on the 21st but our SS called and postponed it as he wanted to have most of it completed before PCI. Unfortunately there was a few issues till not completed due to the fact the electrician, the cladding guy and a few other hadn't turned up when they should have.   not coming on time. It went better than we hoped except for a few issues.
It took us 3 hours to check everything. SS noted down issues we had most of them minor ones a few a bit concerning
Bricks in garage wall was wet was worried it was due to a leak but SS said there s no leak will be keeping checking before handover.
Telephone point is in the galley instead of the kitchen not sure whether its possible to change it.
the fridge cavity height is  smaller than we asked for. SS said he will order new cupboard that will be smaller than this and fix it but might be after handover.

Other than that the few issues like having a switch on middle of glass splash back( installation after handover) etc should be done before handover.

We have a chip on our master bathroom essa stone bench top. it has been filled its still visible we asked to change it but SS has agreed to polish it so it wont be visible. not sure whether we should push for it.

Also wondering whether the the following will be connected installed on the day we move in. I thought it was only the appliance,

We were told our

Hot water tank
Heater & cooler connections
Data points
projector pre-wire point.
motions sensors of alarm
pre-wire video com

will be done on the day we ware suppose to move in. Bit confused about Data points etc thought it can be done before handover.

We will be having Handover on Monday.

will upload more pictures soon

Sorry haven't been able to keep the blog up to date. mostly cause I have been busy and its been frustrating with the delays then we had issues with our feature window.

After requesting for tile for the whole feature window as per Aspire display at our tile appointment. We were were following up with our BC and SS about the window as in the construction drawing it had architraves around it. As it wasn't the case at the display. The only responses we got was the tiler would do it or if it s in the tile document it will be done.

Finally when it was time for tiling we even explained to the tiler. but when we drove past one day to our horror we realised they hadn't removed the architraves as told but tiled all around it. we didn't pay the extra $$$ to get something different to the display. They wanted to charge us again saying we weren't charge for it when it was our BC hasn't been very helpful during this and hadn't been able to even inform our SS that we were charged for the feature wall as its very clear in the tile document.
Apparently there has to be a different window  and tile consultants  have to inform PD  if the client request for a feature wall around. a window.  Remember to discuss this with your BC before contract signing and get it included in contract drawing. It will save you time and frustration.

After discussing with the SS we agreed to directly communicate with him emails phone calls etc and it has been much better we were able to identify a few mistakes early which has saved us time.

After couple delays we FINALLY had our PCI on Tuesday 26th November.

Hoffman display 

Tiles  with architraves

This is how it we wanted it. :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

30th September
 It was exciting day as we were able to see the inside of the house.  Met SS on site to check wether everything done before settling the fix stage invoice and also to see what the SS would say about the few issues we had. when we reach the site our SS wasn't there but the painters were on site busy painting as there were lots of empty Wattyl paint tubs outside :)

Pretty happy how everything went. SS said the architraves will be taken out and there will be tile like the display.

The gutters and down pipes haven't been delivered. it was suppose to be done a week or so ago but due some issue its been delayed. Our SS said they might deliver it on the day we met him. drove past the house yesterday still hasn't been done. I hope it doesn't delay the electricians work.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 12 & 13

September 14- 25

Nothing much has happened other than all doors been installed including our front door and bifold doors.

Wish we had selected deco 3D door for all downstairs. Cause the study door is looking good. Hope the standard door doesn't look too bad.

25 th September received the fix stage invoice. Waiting for our SS to arrange for a meeting to check the few things before we settle our invoice. Informed him on Wednesday and still no respons

Front door INFWS 5VG

Sunday, September 15, 2013

week 10 - 11. August 31 - September 13th


We met our new SS to discuss about the window infill's and height differences. He just said everything is as per plan that's it. brickworks completed and that scaffolding will be removed in couple of days. We asked him to set up a meeting with a manger asap. we want this sorted before the scaffolding comes off. Was supposed to arrange it the following week. No surprise didn't receive any information regarding a meet  but did receive the lock up invoice. We contacted our new B.C to let her know about the issue we have and that we wanted it sorted or at least to meet with a construction manager before we settle. she didn't know the issues were pending.
We were told instead of the white infill they will match it to the door window.
Is the infill normal has anyone had any issues with it?

Monday the fa├žade was rendered. Cant wait to see it with the colours.
ceiling architraves done.
End of the week scaffolding removed and work on garage roof and alfresco commenced. Not happy that the scaffolding came off before the window issue fully sorted. but happy to see the house for the first time without all the steel pieces blocking the view. We did have couple of broken tiles which hubby was able to check before the scaffolding was removed.
The cleaning or acid wash does make a big difference. very happy with how it looks. although was hoping for a more greyish like the sample.
Went to check on the house on Saturday. Door was open so peeped to have a look inside. yay staircase has been installed at least half of it. Cant wait to see what exactly it will look like as its suppose to be open from under step 11 onwards.

Stairs completed. and kitchen, laundry and toilet cupboards installed.
still no bi-fold. but they have blocked that entrance with timber pieces.

only manage to get pictures of the kitchen. but love love  how the laundry bench top and cupboards look. At the colour appointment we wanted to go for the kitchen with it too that's  "laminex brescia" but our colour consultant said it might be too much lines and look too out there cause we have lots of cupboards.

 Island bench front is oyster grey. back blackened linewood.

was under the impression the fixed window and the cupboards will get centred but apparently they haven't centred the cupboard to the window separately they have done it with the oven tower cupboards. and we missed it too. Three smaller Oyster grey cupboards either sides of the range-hood would have looked perfect.
when we realised that we had missed it was dreading how it would look. but it seems pretty good so happy with it.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

week 9 August 23 -30
It was quite an eventful week. With some very shocking news.

Saturday drove past the site was still able to go in as the front door was open. Insulation done.

by Wednesday plasterboard done.

cant believe how quick things are going and our SS has been great and top of things. He told us he concentrates more on the quality of the build than how quick. we are very happy with the pace things are progressing and how its looking so far.

brick work almost complete, we are pretty sure will receive the lock up invoice soon. Even though we are still missing our bi-fold. as it seems to be the trend.

                                                           timber infill

Friday morning we received a call from our SS saying brick work would complete beginning of next week. and that he has been transferred to a different estate other side of Melbourne :( :( our new SS will be taking over.

why why oh y ????????????????????

Guess things were going too smoothly. all good things must come to an end.

We were finally feeling positive about the PD building process. after the drama etc through the admin process.

And the problems begin........

drove past on Friday noticed the windows aren't in the same height someone s made a mistake and now there s a big white piece of timber infill. on one. not very happy with this. contacted  Our new SS informed him about it and wanted to attend it before the brickies finish work. Not a good start he was saying everything's according to plan.

finally manage to agree to meet us on site on Monday.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Week 6- 8
August 3 - 21

Sisalation wrapped. brick work about to begin excited.

While bricks are been laid things are lots of tings  happening inside plumbing rough in,  electrical and brick work. front door and laundry door.
Heating cooling ducts.
Things seems to be progressing at a cracking pace.

Anxiously waiting for brick work to finish to see wether the bricks look the way we pictured it. Fingers crossed as it looks different than the sample. Drove to Boral to make sure its the same. I guess its depends on the batch you get.


Tv, speaker, projector wires

scaffolding delivered and put up in less than 2 days  and brick work continues
the house is taking shape ground flour bricks work completed.